August 31, 2010


August 29, 2010

I cannot get these words right. Baby you came into my life. You recognized me in my sadness. You took all of the darkness and gave me the light. I love you as simple as the way you do. Oh my dear... you've restore my faith in the possibilities of this.... painful world 

Keep amazing.
Love, me :)

August 20, 2010

Tutorial (Requested by my friend ^^)

1. Open the picture of you and your text 
2. Move the "girl" photo into your "text"  photo

3. Like this one. And then change the blending mode from "normal" to "screen" (look at the picture)

4. TADAAA!!! :))))))


August 19, 2010

I have so much going for me, but sometimes I just want to blow my brains out and be done with it all. I just feels like I can’t handle this life. I feels like I'm useless 

here they are. a few of new people that comes into my life. in my new school :)
(from left) Me.Cice. Kiki
(from left)Grace. Iren. Me. Tika. Cice
(from left) Me. Shasa
(from left) Kiki. Iren (bottom). Shasa (right)
Aya & Michelle (Upside)

we're nuts :p