October 30, 2010

remember them?

October 24, 2010

Fuck. You. Tumblr

October 23, 2010

"can i feel a happiness even if it's just once in my life?"

even Google can't show the result.
I can't stop staring at my crush who sit in right corner of my class. And I still can't stop staring at him while he was talking to another girl & I can't do anything except keep staring and letting my heart broken into a pieces
Gosh. I desperately in love with Effy Stonem a.k.a Kaya Scodelario from SKINS. She's so fucking gorgeous. She remind me with Cory Kennedy, but Kaya more fresh & more cute than her haha. Okay kidding-_-
(I admire her eyes)

(look at the way she laugh.... extremely sweet!)

October 20, 2010

Ehhhh.... what is that? Ummm... that is love. What is love? Ummhhh... Love....L-O-V-E... Love is YOU, Bayu Pradana Putra :)
it was a “pause” not a complete “stop” to us. why couldn’t you understand that. why couldn’t you understand me :[

October 14, 2010

Cratyfatty is a band from Jakarta. Formed since.... uhm I'm forget but I'm pretty sure it has formed since my brother on senior high school! well umm... it was 2005.
Firstly, this band formed as a tribute to my Brother crush and they named their band just like my brother crush "Rahmawati" (it's kinda weird I know -_-"). Then after perform in many places they agreed to change their band name and here comes "Cratyfatty"!!! :DD

well this is the members of Cratyfatty:

JOKO - Lead Vokal
ARIE - Lead Guitar
KRISNA - Lead Guitar
ITUN - Bass
MATT - Drum (this is my brother ^^)

now their current activity is record their new song & sending their demo to a label recording. and after finished his college, my brother and his band will perform from one place to other place, more active making a new song and more active sending Cratyfatty's demo to a label recording.

Check out their song on their Myspace and catch them on their page on Facebook!!! :D 

Thankyouuu <3


I just pass through the mid exam. 
The scores? 
Horrible. Okay. Finish. Die -_-