July 27, 2010

I'm going to Lembang, Bandung (again) tommorrow. HHHHH-_______-so fuckin' tired. Baru aja kemarin kita selesai MOS disana, bangun jam 3 buat mandi duluan biar gak kena antrian panjang, terus subuh-subuh udah senam dan selama disana bisa-bisanya gue pake acara sakit perut disana -____- lafuck!!! But I swear, it was so fucking fun, I can't explain how funny it is when we tried to work together even though we haven't know each other well. It was really really fun, and fyi, we have a funny and handsome (i'm lying haha) coach named Susandi or we usually call him "Om susan". OMG, suddenly, I feel desperately miss pleton 4 & om susan :((((
well, I planned to packing for tommorrow and ask my friend to send me a photo of Pleton 4 with Om susan too. Sweet.... hahaha wish me luck!!! :)

July 18, 2010

I like making a list. HaHa okay, so this is a list of pictures I like.  Just enjoy^^

ps: as usual, I get all of this pictures from my Tumblr, other Tumblr, random web & flickr :)

July 17, 2010

I'm a mess, I'm a Tumblr geek, I get a little autism with my laptop & internet, iPhone & wifi or something that make me always keep in touch with cyber world. Is that wrong?!!! If it's wrong I guess I need to check my brain to Gynecolog ;p
I just find this picture on WeHeartIt. Pas pertama kali liat gambar ini.... GAH!!! It reminds me with my childhood!!! When I was 5, I thought Candy, Chocolate and something like that... is my religion hahaha. Just try to say something witty :3
Well.... looking for original source? I guess from.................. here

July 13, 2010

my life consist with:

Unhealthy food
 Sleep Naked
Texting, Browsing, Chatting & Calling
Have some Fun

Moshing at Concert
Study for Exam-_-
Messy Room
DVD Marathon
Cute Boy ❤ ❤
and Tumblr.

ps: I dont claim any pictures in 
     this post as my ow. I found it 
     on random site ;) 
fuck for your shit opinion, fuck for give a damn to my life, fuck for your sarcastic jokes that not funny at all, fuck untuk kebiasaan buruk lo semua yang cuma bisa menjatuhkan mental orang lain, fuck buat hobi lo yang suka ngeliat mood orang lain hancur berantakan, fuck buat komentar sarkastis gak guna lo yang lo lontarin ke hidup gue atau tentang sekolah gue atau apapun yang jelas jelas bukan urusan lo, fuck untuk segala opini lo yang walau halus dengan jelas sangat meragukan kapasitas gue walaupun gue bukan orang yang sempurna, fuck untuk segala ke-sok-tau-an lo tentang hidup gue, kemampuan gue padahal lo gak tau apapun tentang itu semua, fuck untuk pikiran lo yang mungkin mengira gue bener-bener orang gak guna yang gak bisa ngerubah hidup, fuck untuk rasa gak suka lo yang mungkin gak suka kalau gue lebih suka berbeda dari yang lain, fuck for your sad life and the most important...
noʎ ʞɔnɟ

July 8, 2010

Hello High School :D

The result has come out! I'm going to 8 Senior High School Jakarta. YEAY!!! maybe going to 8shs is not a part of my life goals. but... who cares.... live full of changes, right? 
But one thing I'm afraid the most... It's 8, so much smart people there. I'm afraid with my Math and Physics :(
WAIT..... what the hell I was thinking about... I'm still young and my live consist with learning learning and learning a new thing right? I shouldn't be afraid... Gue aja belum ngehadapin tantangan ini kan? Kecuali gue udah berusaha ngehadepin tapi hasilnya belum maks... baru cabs ke 26 hahaha.
Btw, thanks lord for all the great things that comes into my life <3

I can't describe my feeling when I see my parents really really happy about this. 
Thanks, Allah :')

July 7, 2010

Holycrap! Megan Fox desperately pretty.... BITCH, I get an envy on you!!! -_-


Well, last night, I opened my Formsping and an Anonymous asked me: "What do you think about love?"
Uhmmmmh.... I have no idea. I don't know what I should wrote.
Oke gue gak kaya akan pengalaman bercinta (?) tapi juga gak miskin pengalaman tentang itu. Oke bahasa gue mulai sok bener.
But seriously, I don't know what I should wrote, 'cause my "In relationship" status I guess changed into "It's complicated" So sad  ∪﹏∪

4 words that may stole my concentration on exam -_-''''''
back to Formspring, then I tried to wrote "Love, I haven't a lot of experience about this but I guess love is when you met someone who love your "darkest side", who always says "You look gorgeous" even though you had a bad-hair-day, who always....." I'm thinking.... what next?

I'm thinking about the next words. And suddenly I feel so dizzy and extremely sick on my chest. I feel so alone even though my mom watching tv with a loud volume.  I dunno why. And then I grab my Mouse and click "Delete question".

July 6, 2010

Too much stuff, huh?

I wish we would be like this. Not forever, okay because nothing forever. Just for a very long long time :(