April 17, 2016

2 AM & All The Things That Bring Me Back To You

I only want you when it’s 2 AM, never when it’s 2 PM. 
I only want you when I have to walk home alone at night and I’m scared of the way the world has become. 
I only want you when my family are gone for the night and I hear a creepy noise in my house, and for some reason would feel safer with you around.
I only want you when I’m tossing and turning, wide awake in bed looking for someone to talk to because no matter how many times I put down my phone and put my pillow over my head I still can’t sleep. 
I only want you when it’s cold in my room and I want a warm body next to me, to wrap my legs around and share body heat. 
I only want you when it’s convenient for me, and it’s only convenient at 2 AM. 

The way I want you is to stay hidden behind the closure of my bedroom door. 
I don’t want the world to know about you, about us. 
As much as I want you, I’ll never want you in the morning.

There is an uneasiness about 2 AM that makes you think things you wouldn’t think at 2 PM. 
There is a comfort that 2 PM brings in the day, being busy, being around friends and family, and having the sun shining on your skin. 
But the 2 AM darkness brings different feelings, darker ones. 
It traps you with your thoughts, makes you feel useless, maybe worthless. 
It makes you feel alone more than anything and no one likes feeling alone. 
I hate feeling alone. 
This is why, I only want you when it’s 2 AM, never when it’s 2 PM. 

☽ ☾☽ ☾ 

Here are collection of songs to keep you company during this time when you can feel the most alone
1. Japanesse Wallpaper - Breathe In
2. Beck - Ramshackle
3. Slow Dancing Society - A Song That Will Help You Remember To Forget
4. The National - About Today
5. Seas Of Years - Lighthouse
6. Bon Iver - Holecene
7. Clem Leek - You're So Very Far Away
8. Daughter - Medicine
9. Azure Ray - The Drink We Drank Last Night
10. Hammock - I Will Become The Ground You Walk On
11. Aquilo - You There
12. Benjamin Francis Leftwich - See You Soon
or listen via Spotify here