August 31, 2011

Happy Eid!

 Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslims around the world, may the blessings of Allah be with you today, tomorrow, and always! :)

August 29, 2011

"When I look into your eyes, You're not even there"

Heartbreaks makes my creativity go wild. thanks for "that person" who made this chaos becoming something beautiful, thanks, You.

August 28, 2011

After An Afternoon

Take a lot of photographs along the holiday. Tried to capture a single moment in time. Lost behind my lens and drown into my favourite sound which is the click-click of the shutter. And then I realized.... it's just two days left before Eid Mubarak. Wow it really surprised me how time goes by so fast. Really fast. Too fast, perhaps.
You have no idea, young fellow. I love pussy so much. No, not that "pussy". But real pussy.

Happy fasting for all muslim in the world. God bless yall! 
(I know it's too late to said happy fasting, but late is better than not at all, right?)

August 19, 2011

Meaningless Little Shit

     Has there ever been a reason for this insistent longing within one’s chest? If it were to burst free into one single mellifluous sound, would it truly be as luminous as small shards of the moon? As charming as the last breath of our dying sun; the gentle, soft voice of a bird ensnared for all its living days to a cage with no soul? 
     There is a bittersweet perfection in the pain of a simple wanting. It’s a childlike wish to want, filled slowly with nostalgia of a younger, purer mind. There is nothing so ingenuous as the want, and the ability to. It’s the pure, lustful, raw want that has brought me from my once sane mind to take arms and, with words alone, attempt to bring a gnarled, twisted sense of me to you. 
      It is overbearing; the pure physical lack of this significant other half is so sweetly bewitching to my very soul, and these thoughts simply must be spilled like the fragments my dreams that often tantalize me in the midst of waking. It is the dreams and the want--the seductive, poisoned want mixed with such pure intentions of the dreams created and fixated upon the mind’s watchful eye. 
     There has never been anything so heart wrenching for me to bear upon such a waning soul as mine. Unscarred and yet beaten beyond recognition, this wanting leaves me thirsty and dying, much like the ocean’s waves scratch at the sandy stretches of land like bloody hands, searching desperately--begging--for a release from within the pool of misery they have been banned to. 
    And why banned? Has some god above forcibly placed them aside themselves, so that their plethora of wails and splintering cracks from a slowly maddening mind are nothing more than the lapping of the water upon the earth? Perhaps this want is simply nothing but the howls of keys pressed like petals under my fingers as I play notes to songs I have long since grown used to. Perhaps what the heart longs for is nothing short of love, and maybe in the depths of our minds, it is out of this love that want arises.  
     What it has longed for is this freedom, much like this love, to be free and soar the untouched planes upon this earth that man nor woman has ever dreamed of; to taste the wretched longings of the alienated world with wings of words, not of flesh and bone. Be still my heart, and rejoice in the being. My wanting is nothing more than the screams I produce when fingers of hope splay across a piano; when in vain I hold a pen to the paper, or if I took the sharpness of the world to my flesh. This is nothing different than the want.

August 17, 2011

Happy Independence Day, Indonesia

 Indonesia has 18,306 islands. If you could spend only 1 Day on each island you would need 48 years to see all of them. And for those foreigner that think Indonesia is a part of Bali, for God's sake, they're totally wrong. Bali is a part of Indonesia. Not the opposite. Let’s celebrate the 66th Independence day of INDONESIA with full gratitude to God. Continue increase the spirit of nation building. Have a Great Independence Day.

Greetings from a proud Indonesian.

August 15, 2011

New class, New Shit, New Chaos, New friends, New happiness

Have i told you about my new class and new pals? I'm in social class now. Qell so far, it was pretty damn awesome. i really love them. and never felt really excited like this in class 10 with that on that I wouldn't mention "them" again in my blog. I mean, so far, most of them are'nt individualist and pretty damn attractive, outgoing and friendly. I hope we can get closer each other and we could do some "a little-guilty partnership" on examination, amen. Hahaha, just kidding about the last one (but still wishing that become to reality haha). Damn you social class, I love you. New class, New Shit, New Chaos, New friends, New happiness. Keep rusuh forever, social. And keep wishing for tons of luck for us. Well, below are the photo that  took on break fasting event on Friday :)
Tons of love,
-me :)

August 13, 2011

♥ ❤
      There are times when I can feel my soul pressing against the inside of my skin and prickling out through my fingertips; times when the sky is pressing in and world is suddenly more real and more vivid than anyone could have ever guessed.
      You make me feel small and giant, beginning and endless, empty and full and happy and sad and so so so human. But more than that - you make me feel what I want to be most: alive.

August 5, 2011

You Should Date a Girl Who Takes Photographs

When I was surfing on Tumblr and stuck with my boredom, I found these Post. I read it more and more. Nyaww man, this is of the best thing that I’ve read here in Tumblr….I will reblog this forever and ever. Check this:
 Date a girl who takes photographs. Date a girl whose favourite sound is the click-click of the shutter as it closes and opens to capture a memory. Date a girl who sees beauty in the simplest of things. Date a girl who looks at the world and wonders how to put a little of herself into it.
You might find her in the park, lost behind her lens, the world a blur around her as she tries to capture a single moment in time. You might find her in an exhibit, a look of concentration on her face as she contemplates a photograph that called out to her as she was passing by.  Or maybe you will find her in a bookstore, a book in her lap as she pores over photographs of weddings all the while wondering what hers would look like.
Take her out to photo walks and laugh as she tries to take a picture of you. When she gets tired of walking, buy her cupcakes but wait until she has taken pictures of them before eating them. Listen as she tells you her ideas for a photoshoot on the ride home.
Take her to a restaurant and wait patiently as she surveys the menu carefully, appreciating the food photography. And again, wait until she has taken a photo of your food before digging in. Allow her to introduce you to Ansel Adams while you both eat your lunch. Introduce her to your favorite musician as you wait for the bill to arrive. When you get home, change your Facebook profile picture to a photograph she has taken of you. She silently hopes for it.
Take stolen shots of her. Compile it and give it to her on her birthday. Tell her you love her over and over until your voice replaces the click of the shutter as her favourite sound. Kiss her on the nose as she lifts her head up from the camera. Give her camera-shaped necklaces. Go places with her.
You will never be bored again.
Date a girl who takes photographs. She will never whine about a little dirt on her favourite pair of jeans as she kneels down to get a better angle of her subject. She will never be afraid to go on adventures with you. She will take photographs of you not just with her camera but with her mind as well and keep it to herself to admire late at night. But above all, she will teach you how to look at the world through different perspectives and she will do so unknowingly.
Marry a girl who takes photographs. Ditch those wedding photography books and give her the most beautiful wedding you could. She will teach your kids to find the beauty in everything just as she has taught you. Every day will be an adventure as she tries to create memories photograph-worthy with you. She may wake you up in the middle of the night because she is buzzing with ideas but she will make it up in the morning with a stack of hot pancakes beside a steaming cup of your favourite coffee blend.
Grow old with a girl who takes photographs. Sit with her on the front porch as you both pore over the bits and pieces of the moments you’ve shared together. Stroke her hair as you both relive the photo walks that you took and the places you went when you were both young. Smile as you both reenact your clever wedding vows.
Date a girl who takes photographs because she will never let anyone take you away from her like she will never let anyone steal her photographs. Because she will inspire the fuck out of you. Because she will always see that “something” in the most “nothing” of things.

PS: Happy fasting month to all muslims all over the world :)