May 19, 2011


Well, It's the second time I wrote about this "farewell" on my blog. Okay. I should say this. I won't update this blog and my tumblr for maybe two or three weeks. I've been busy with my final examination and the remedials (of course, I got remedials in a few subjects). I've got really bad score until the second term mid-test. And the teacher said if I do not do something to fix my score in a few subjects, I'm gonna be held back a class. 
What a disaster! I don't want to be held back a class, repeat my not-so-funny 10 grade with not-so-funny teacher and subjects. I'm spend that night for thinking and remember everything that was happened. Then I decided this,  I'll leave all of "cyber-world" activity for a few times 'till I passed the exam and got the school report. 
I just want to focus to this exam, going to grade 11, to social class. Well, enough with the courtesy, I just want to say, wish me luck on this exam and wish me luck to passed this exam with a great score and going to 11 grade. 
Thank you and talk to you latter :)


May 16, 2011

Hello, my name is...

Meet the wimpy kid, "Faris"
Monkey Miaw!
Need more calcium?
"Bad boy!"

May 14, 2011


This is my second brother I usually call him "Mat". It was 1 AM and we didn't have something to do while our eyes didn't get sleepy yet. So we decided to took a few photos (read: silly photos) to kill the time. Enjoy :)

Too much weed may caused your face would be like this person above
Too much........

May 11, 2011

Her Name is Jenny

May 10, 2011

A thought of a Dreamer

A sunlight wafting through the blinds wake me up from my sleep-naked. A quiet sunlight. An undisturbed sunlight. A sunlight that fills in the ridges in the folds of my blanket and coaxes me out of my cocoon. A quiet morning in the suburbs of London. I'm a bit dizzy, last night party left me a dark circle under my eyes. I took my crumpled t-shirt labeled "University of the Arts London" on the right side of my bed and wear it. I daydream-ing for 5 or 10 minutes, feel the cold air touch my skin and trapped in my bone. 
Then I stood up, plug my ipod into the speaker and play "Zebra" song by Beach House and go to the kitchen to make a tea and pancake. My apartement is 1000x more peaceful in the morning. I drink a tea with a pancake, and started to smoke while enjoyed a beautiful song from my room. Wonderful morning. Then I looked at the calendar, 13 May 2014 underlined with a red marker. JEEZ! I forgot I had a test today! What a morning!

May 9, 2011

The 4th Art School Clinic 2011

Here are some photos from Art School Clinic on 8 May 2011 at TMII. Take your popcorn and enjoy this crap :)

Make Up Artist 

We love GAY
Dance Performence
The Trees And The Wild
Jeez, should admit the fact that Remedy from TTATW is kinda enchanting ;p
And yes, that ugly foot was mine
Well, two thumbs up for the crew! Catch you guys later on Art School Clinic 2012! :D