October 23, 2011

A thought of a Dreamer #8

"It's funny how we always find ourselves wanting to run back to the ones we used to love, for some reason, think it would work out differently the second time"

October 21, 2011

An Afternoon Potraits

This is my boy, Bobby <3

Arm stretched out to the sky
 "You are the bird whose wings came
when I awakened in the night and called.
Only with my arms I called, because your name
is like a chasm, a thousand nights deep.
You are the shadows in which I quietly slept,
and your seed devised in me each dream,—
you are the image, but I am the frame
that makes you stand in glittering relief."
— Rainer Maria Rilke, from “The Guardian Angel,” in The Book of Images, trans. Edward Snow

October 19, 2011

We sit and talk quietly, with long lapses of silence, and I am aware of the stream that has no language, coursing beneath the quiet heaven of your eyes, which has no speech

[Ironic. It feels like everything between me and my boyfriend is changing. And not for the better. Everything just went wrong and fucked up. *sigh* *tear rolls down cheek*] 

Couldn't explain more.
Bye :)

October 6, 2011


             "World owe much for your outstanding innovation. Thanks for making the Apple more than just a fruit. Thanks for the great inventions. You left your mark on our desks, on our ears and in our hands. Thank you for bringing the future. RIP Steve Jobs"