June 19, 2010

I desperately had a crush on Hanna beth!

*I found all of this photos on random site*

June 18, 2010

I always laugh when I see Katy perry expression like this one! HAHAH LOL

June 16, 2010

Things That I Like The Most From A Guy

Alcohol addict | Just a Little | Not at all
Black hair | Brown hair | Blonde hair | Red hair  
Black eyes | Blue eyes | Green eyes
Tall | Short | Average
Tattoos | Piercings |   Just a Little Tattoos | Just a Little Piercings 
a Calm one | a Hilarious one | Half of It 
Hobbies: computer | musicskating | sports | drawing | fishing | other
Smoke | Not at all 
Muscular | Fit | Skinny | Fat 
Albino | Pale | Average | Dark  
Hearing: Punk | Hardcore Metal | Pop | Jazz | Various
Wavy hair | Curly hair | Straight hair 
Short hair | Long hair
Indifferent one | Protective one | Fit
Joking all the time | Joking when you sad 
serious all the time | serious when needed


I spend so much time alone it sometimes feels strange to be with other people. I don't know why. I really enjoyed the time when I'm alone. I can do many things that I can't do in front of many people. Like singing 'till my voice start to shrill and break the ear drum another people and crying 'till my mascara starts to fade and make me looks like a zombie. It's so funny for me, isn't it?

June 15, 2010

I feel like there are things that need to be said, need to be written. and then I realized... after a long time I denied it, yeah I do need you, I EXTREMELY MISS YOU... everything in YOU. I don't know what I must to do. Our relationship just went wrong. I couldn't speak. I closed my eyes and feel so vacant and hollow. I hide my tears with my hair and secretly wishing you'll read this :'(

Hot Issue: Error fever on Twitter

In 2010, Twitter really had so much problem that really annoy another people who really addict with it in a whole the world. Including, me hehehe ^^. Well here comes the problems that frequently happened on Twitter.

1. Over Capacity

2. More "error" words that piss me off!!!

3. Twitter stole my Tweets from 15.000 to 1.044 then my Twitter page start to be blank like THIS!!!

Well. I'm going to call my Mother about this. Beware Twitter, she'll kick your head!!!

I'm officially BACK

Hey everyone. Oh i'm back, really. Still don't believe? It's not my problem. Haha, just trying to say something witty. Well-there's so much to tell, so much to share after a long time I left this blog. Oh gosh, okay, I'm leaving you and that was a sin? Well-I don't think so. Hm, one of a bunch of story I want to tell you is.... I'M GRADUATED FROM MY JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Yeah. That's it. I'm so fucking ducking happy with that. Well enough with the "hello-long time no see". I'm ready to post a SHIT on my Blog HAHA