January 28, 2011

I am so sick and tired of young people (just like me, i'm YOUNG, hoho) crying about how they will never find love and that they are afraid of dying alone.C'mon dude. Stop it. How come people want to be with you if you keep complain everything every single time. Wake up!


January 20, 2011


Sorry for not updating the blog for...... a long time I guess. Duh. I've been really busy with school. I myself don't have time to hanging out with my friends and updating my Tumblr and this blog as often as I always do before. This is sad. I'm getting bored with my routine activity. Ugh. Well........ forget it. Thus, I just want to say Happy Belated New Year Everyone!!! HAHAHA. I know.... this is too late -___- Anyway, if you really need to contact me or whatever, you can click through the "Contact" link. CIAO!!! :)