December 20, 2012

Don’t Let Your Happiness Depend on Something You May Lose

Omg, it's been a quite long time since my last post. So, how are you guys? I hope you're all as healthy as I am.
Well, there are a tons of shit that happened in my life since my last post and I can't wait to share it with y'all.
  • I went to Big Bang concert a few months ago. Yep, that Big Bang. That Korean boyband. Surprised, huh? Me too. But, after a longgggg time I had this "korean boyband = lip-sync + concist with muscle man dancing like a girl on stage" mindset and then I saw Big Bang live, now I realize why my chairmate trying so hard to change my mindset that Big Bang is different. Yep, they're different, don't compare them to those shitty boyband that you saw on TV Music Program. I'll not promoting Big Bang here, so you better google them and find what exactly I mean by " they're different" by yourself.

  • Soooo, my first semester is nearly end. I can not wait to get my report card (though I get worried my grade is going to slipped down or shit) and here come the toughest semester in high school. Probably, I'll not updating my blog for a quite long time because I need to focus and work hard to go to state university. Wish me luck, okay?! :)
  • And the last, I've officially 17 years old now. HAHAHA. Welcome to the legal age (well, not too legal actually), finally I got my ID card in my wallet. I'm so proud :") Well actually, I'm a little bit worried about turning being 17 at first, because I'm afraid, I can't be mature enough or wise enough as people expected me to be. But then my boyfriend said, that's normal, that's what we called "The phase of Life", we can't instantly mature or wise without having enough experience to learned. He said, I don't need to hide or worried about it, just go with the flow and don't overthinking stuff too much. Oh, and speaking of which, the best part of being 17, I got a lot of surprise, wishes and presents from my family, my boyfriend, and my friends. I'm really really happy. And thanking everyone endlessly for the wishes, surprise and presents (no no, I'm not going to cry)

Thus, that's all. I feel content, healthy and loved. I'm so grateful about that. I'm going to go back to Jogja tonight, and here come the week that I've been waiting like forever. I hope you guys having a great holiday! :)