January 25, 2014


Sampaisampai aksara pun akhirnya letih 
kemudian meninggalkan puisi dalam sunyi. 
Menghampakan imaji, menyesakan nurani. 
Malam begitu gelap sampaisampai 
tak mampu menguraikan sekerlap cahaya
di kota sepi ini. 
Siapa suruh nekat mengantar rindu yang telah lama dianggap h a n t u?

January 3, 2014

My Resolutions (well, usually only lasts for the first two weeks) For A Better 2014

It’s the third day of 2014. Oh my god. It's surprising how fast time goes by. And I just realized that I haven't written my New Year's resolutions down yet. Well, now I will make an exhaustive list of all the things I’d like to change about myself, dwell on them for about two weeks and then forget about them. Yea. Well, whatever, here's some of 'em:
  •     pray five times a day
  •     stop apologizing unnecessarily
  •     don’t engage in small talk that doesn’t interest you
  •     smile often
  •     stop being busy and start being productive
  •     control yourself
  •     be brave to say “no”  without feeling guilty and without further explanation
  •     be kind to yourself
  •     eat more vegetables
  •     drink more mineral water
  •     read more
  •     be proud of yourself
  •     take time off from life when needed
  •     be patient with yourself
  •     take more pictures (selfies included)
  •     love yourself even harder than before
  •     try new things
  •     be ruthless when needed
  •     do whatever the fuck you want
  •     don’t explain yourself to people when you don’t want to
  •     write more
  •     stay as positive as possible
  •     cry when you need to
  •     get a better sleep
  •     be grateful
  •     have fun, live your life to the fullest
Well, that's all. Good night.